SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Rates ~ Existing Website;

  • Hourly Rate ~ Basic Optimization -- $75.00/Hr.
       SEO work at an hourly rate, has no limit on the size of the website, number of pages, number of keyword phrases used, etc.
  • One Page, or the front page of a website -- $350.00 ~ One primary keyword phrase, and two secondary keyword phrases.
       This is a complete service for the content of one webpage, including optimized title and meta tags.
  • An Entire Website - 6 pages -- $1,500.00, Up to six keywords ~ Design work is extra.
  • An Entire Website - 12 pages -- $2,500.00, Up to six keywords ~ Design work is extra.
  • Additional Pages - Each page optimized for different, but related keyword phrases for the same product or service,
       are available at reduced per page, packaged rates ~ Design work is extra.

  • Price Includes;
    • keyword assessment - we critique the site from an SEO perspective and provide a highly individualized
        report on how to improve your site to achieve your ranking goals.
    • Keyword and Content Optimization.
  • • A One-time, Manual Search Engine Submission.

  • Design Work ~ Existing site;

  • • Design Work -- $75.00/Hr. ~ Re-design of page layout, images, content, new page creation (1 Hr. Minimum).
  • • Custom Web Form Design -- $150.00 - Up to 15 fields.

  • New Website Design;

  • We can help you design a site from the ground up ~ Completely Optimized.

  • Prices start at;
  • $650.00 per page, Up to six keywords. Most websites average 6 pages.
  • Price includes page design, optimization and search engine submission.
  • For an exact estimate, please request a price quote.

    Please refer to our Website Design Worksheet

  • Website Maintenance Program - Site updates;

  • We offer a monthly website maintenance program for $80.00 per month.
  • Keep your website content fresh and current with our affordable monthly subscription.
  • For more information please refer to Website Maintenance

  • SEO Rates ~ Maintenance Program;

  • Our Fee for Monthly Maintenance SEO Services: $50.00 to $600.00 per month.
  • • We will provide monthly Search Engine placement monitoring.
  • • Minor Website Updates, as well as updates pertaining to search engine placement ~ keyword adjustment and positioning.
  • • Bi-Monthly manual search engine submission.
  • • We will create an online account, where you will have access to your website's progress, and all reports.
  • Our Maintenance Program contract is for a minimum six month period -- renewable at six month intervals.
    Payment is due the first of each month.

  • Design Updates ~ Additional Pages, Images, Page Layout, etc. -- $75.00/Hr. (1 Hr. Minimum).

    For a price quote, please submit our Website Design Inquiry Form

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